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Restricted skull bones can be released with cranial osteopathic manipulation

Example patient #1


15 year old Adam had been suffering from severe headaches and lightheadedness daily for two years. They started shortly after a car accident where he was not wearing his seatbelt.  In the accident he was thrown from the middle of the backseat and hit his forehead on the vehicle's dash. He was sore for a week after the accident indicating this was not a minor trauma. 


After seeing many physicians, his pediatric neurologist sent him to me to see if osteopathic manipulation could help.


Upon osteopathic evaluation, Adam was found to have severe restrictions in his cranial bones and severe restrictions of his upper neck and back vertebrae. When those areas are restricted they can have profound effects on the connective tissues of the head and neck and often lead to the symptoms that Adam was experiencing.  


During the second treatment, Adams right temporal bone in his head finally released which allowed the upper cervical vertebrae to also release. After the second treatment his headaches improved 50%. After three treatments, Adams headaches resolved. Finally, after the forth treatment, his lightheadedness resolved.  


As an osteopathic physician, I enjoy cases like this when the restrictions I find match the patient's symptoms. I also appreciate when other physicians refer patients like Adam when they suspect the problems are structurally related.

Nerve supply from the neck to the hand

Example patient #2


55 year old Jimmy had been suffering from severe numbness and tingling in both hands for six months. Jimmy's pains were affecting his ability to type on the computer for many hours per day. He had seen numerous physicians and the last physician, a sport medicine doctor, had recommended steroid injections in both wrists. While contemplating getting the injections, Jimmy's friend referred him to me saying "you just gotta let Dr. Baker evaluate you". Needless to say, Jimmy was skeptical that I would offer anything different than the other physicians he had seen.


Upon evaluation, Jimmy's wrists both felt normal. What was abnormal was the severe restrictions in his lower neck vertebrae. It felt like Jimmy was carrying a 50 lb weight over his shoulders. I recommended we try osteopathic manipulation to free up the nerves that exit the neck that supply his hands.


After the third treatment, the numbness and tingling in Jimmy's hands went away.  


What I find interesting in this case is that Jimmy had not sustained any recent trauma. His history did reveal an incidence when he was a young boy when he almost fell out of a truck and his mother pulled his arm with a violent jerk. Although his mother's quick action might have saved his life, it imparted severe restrictions in his lower neck which possibly contributed to his hand symptoms over 45 years later. Restrictions from trauma I treat every day and am amazed at the results I see as they release. 

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