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Common conditions that can be addressed by Osteopathic Manipulation

Digestive Conditions

     Irritable bowel syndrome




Respiratory Illness



     Frequent colds



Ear Nose and Throat Conditions


    Chronic ear infections

    Chronic tonsillitis



Musculoskeletal Pain

     Neck pain

     Back pain


     Plantar Fasciitis


Traumatic Injuries

     Carpal tunnel syndrome

     Tennis elbow

     Whiplash injuries


     Traumatic brain injury

Orthopedic Conditions


     Degenerative joint disease

     Degenerative disk disease


General support for

     Pre and post-surgical procedures

     Cancer treatments

                   (chemotherapy, radiation)   

Pediatric Conditions


    Sucking difficulties

    Spitting up

    Developmental conditions

    Otitis media



    Groin pain

    Back pain


Dental Conditions

     TMJ syndrome


Systemic Conditions



     Chronic Fatigue Pain

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