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New Patient Info


New Patient Appointments:  

$150 for 1.5 hour appointment


Follow-Up Appointments:  

$125 for one hour appointment


Payment due at time of service. Cash, check or credit card accepted.


Please bring the following form, completed, to your first appointment with Dr. Baker. Also, bring any recent MRI, CT, or X-ray reports with you as it will help Dr. Baker have the latest information.






Insurance Info


Dr. Baker does not participate in any insurance plans in this private practice. This lowers overhead costs and allows him to spend more time with each patient. After each appointment, you will be given an encounter form that can be mailed into your insurance company for reimbursement according to your "Out of Network" benefit. Typically the reimbursement will be 0-60%, but every insurance plan is different so please check with your plan.


Dr. Baker cannot see Medicare patients at this location at this time.


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